We've written a number of articles about working as a Wedding and Party professional that you will find useful if you're in the process of selecting entertainment for your evening reception or event.

13th Mar 2019 - Children's Entertainment

What's the difference between a DJ/Disco and an Entertainer? For children's parties it matters and there's a huge difference! If you want to understand what a Children's entertainer brings to your son or daughters party vs a "disco", invite all their friends round, stick on the latest Kids Bop CD and see how long it is before they forget it's even playing.

9th Mar 2019 - Contracts

I've occasionally been asked why I need my customers to sign a contract? The answer is pretty simple, it's an easy way to tell you what I'm going to provide, when I'm going to provide it and where and what you'll pay for it. The whole deal is then there in black and white, there is no arguing about what was agreed and it creates an opportunity to spot any mistakes either party may have made!

6th Mar 2019 - Money

I saved the most contentious subject in this little mini series for near the end. How much should you pay for a DJ, a Dancefloor, a Photobooth...?

2nd Mar 2019 - Choose a DJ

Being a DJ is about being an entertainer, a performer, a sound technician, a lighting jock and your own tech support. It's about selecting the right song at the right time, knowing when to interact with your guests and what to say, dealing with requests, being able to transition between songs in the right way to keep the dance floor busy and having the nerve to do all of this in front of a crowd of anything between 20 and 2000 strangers.

27th Feb 2019 - Music Programming

Music is the core of our business, but it's something we spend surprisingly little time talking about! There are so many components that go into making a great experience and a successful night (like presentation, performance and interaction for example) and playing the right music at the right time is just part of what we do.