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It's just a disco right?

I know what it's like. You've selected the church, the dress, the flowers the venue and the caterers and now it's time to think about the entertainment for your evening reception. You've found someone who provides a disco and his price is good, so he'll do the job, but will he leave you and your guests feeling like this...?

We had a wonderful night and you made that possible. Thank you for the awesome music and knowing what the guests wanted to hear. A lot of people lost their voices due to singing that night! Thanks again it was brilliant! Stuart and Lisa - Wedding

Well, he might...

You probably didn't buy your wedding dress from M&S and I suspect wedding breakfast isn't being delivered by Tesco. So the question is, why not? I expect the reason you have chosen the suppliers you have is because you want the key features of your day to be the best possible - to really stand out on your one and only Wedding day.

The same is true of Disco's and DJ's, but it can be hard to choose a quality disco as my services are not easy to try on as you would with a dress or test as you would with your meal - and price is not always a indication of quality.

So how to choose?

  • Cover the basics - do they have insurance and electrical safety test certificates - will they meet your venues requirements?
  • Check out their feedback
  • Look at pictures of what they can offer
  • Check if they have any industry recognised awards or accreditation
  • Meet with them and talk through your plans
  • Check that the DJ is comfortable providing the services that you require and playing the music that you would like
  • Ask them if they have experience of providing entertainment at Weddings and what they can do to make your day special
  • Ask what options they can supply to go above and beyond "Just a Disco?"

What makes us different?

I can guarantee that I have been to more Weddings than you or your guests (and performed at more Weddings than a lot of other DJ's!) I can help you to plan your day and liaise with your suppliers to help create special moments around key events throughout your day, turning your wedding reception into a unique event that you and your guests will remember and cherish. As well as the traditional ceremonies such as the Cake Cutting Cake and the First Dance, I can create moments that you and your guests will remember forever by performing as host for the "Shoe Game", organising a Human Tunnel for a grand exit or creating a "Circle of Love" around you to end your night.

We can not thank you enough for being at our wedding. We danced to the best music all night and our guests had so much fun. Thank you again. Sam and James - Wedding, August 2017

Hold the Cheese!

As well as supporting you throughout your evening and hosting your evening Reception I will be your DJ for the night. I will be basing your evenings entertainment on a playlist built from on our discussions about the songs that you love to dance to (and the songs that you can't stand) and then augmenting this with requests from your guests on the night as well as using my experience to add songs that will get everyone up and dancing the night away.

We have the technology

When you book with me you will also get access to your own booking management page in my own bespoke web application that I have spent many years fine tuning that will make managing your night a quick and easy task. Through this management page you can get your own personal web link to give to your guests to allow them to make requests in advance (and you can vet and veto their requests!) You can also quickly provide me with all of the information I need for your own evening and search my music database to tell me the songs that you do and don't want on the night. My system is unique and makes managing your booking simple.

If you want to know what the difference is between an M&S disco and the unique entertainment experience that I can create for you, please get in touch and I'll be happy to come and talk to you and your partner about your plans for your day.

Please get in touch with the date of your party and the name of your venue for a detailed quote. Don't hang around as I book up quickly every year, especially for peak periods such as June, July, August and December!

Most Popular
Made for your Venue
Best Value
The Works
  £395 £445 £495 £795 £1,195
Experienced DJ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Your music Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online party planning tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Guest request system Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sound package Compact Full Full Full Full
Lighting package Compact Full Full Full Full
Performance Hours Max 5hrs Max 6hrs Max 6hrs Max 6hrs Full day
Consultation meeting(s) - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full day support - - - - Yes
Rustic style Disco - +£50 Yes +£50 +£50
Uplighting +£60 +£60 +£60 Yes Yes
Audio Guestbook x2 +£100 +£100 +£100 +£50 Yes
Open Photobooth with Prints (3hrs) +£350 +£350 +£350 (Rustic) Yes -
Photobooth with Prints (3hrs) +£375 +£375 +£375 +£25 Yes
Magic Mirror with Prints (3hrs) +£350 +£350 +£350 +£0 +£0
Cold Spark Fountains (x2) +£120 +£120 +£120 +£120 Yes
Wedding Breakfast Music & Mics - +£100 +£100 +£100 Yes
Ceremony music - +£150 +£150 +£150 Yes
PA/Mic for Speeches (only) - +£80 +£80 +£80 Yes
Projected Custom Monogram +£75 +£75 +£75 +£75 Yes
Rustic L.O.V.E Letters +£225 +£225 +£225 +£225 +£225
L.O.V.E or MR & MRS Letters +£195 +£195 +£195 +£195 +£195

Finishing touches (where not included)

  • Open Photobooth- £345 to £445 - full details
  • Photobooth - £375 to £475 - full details
  • Magic Mirror - £345 to £445 - full details
  • Cold Spark fountains (x2) - +£120
  • Video or Photo projection - +£80
  • Video or Photo display on 2x 42" screens - +£150
  • Projected Monogram with heart & rings or flowers - £35
  • Projected Monogram with your names and your wedding date - £130
  • Confetti Canons - £20/each