Let's talk... Music :)

Music is the core of our business, but it's something we spend surprisingly little time talking about! There are so many components that go into making a great experience and a successful night (like presentation, performance and interaction for example) and playing the right music at the right time is just part of what we do.

Kingswood Village Hall - 90's music only!

But what is the right music? We occasionally get asked by customers if they can attend another function where we're performing to get a feel for what we do and this isn't something we allow. Firstly, we wouldn't invite a stranger to someone else's party and secondly, we tailor the music to every party. We've had nights that have focused on Rock and Roll, Blues, Soul, Swing, Hard rock & Metal, Trance, Pop, Cheese, Dance, Ibiza anthems, Disney, Movie tunes, Show tunes, 70's, 80's, 90's and many more (not forgetting years of Halloween and Xmas parties!) Some of these themes have been planned and worked in with the overall theme for the party (and often fancy dress) and other nights have just "gone that way" because of the style of music that the guests enjoy.

18th Birthday

We've also worked with customers who have given us very prescriptive playlists (and play orders) and others who have given us no guidance at all on the night and we're fine with either approach. However, what we usually ask is for our customers to give us their top 10-20 "must play" tracks for the night so that we can get a good feel for their taste in music and then to share a link to their own page on our website with their guests so that they can also have their input before the night. We also ask customers to give us any "do not play" tracks (which often give us a better idea of what they want the night to be than the "must play" songs!) On the night itself we always take requests and work these into the night where they fit best and are likely to get the best reaction (if you've ever heard someone complain that "the DJ hasn't played my song yet" this is probably why!)

The biggest themed night in our calendar - Halloween!

With all of the requests we use our experience and judgement to plan the music so we can create the best night possible for everyone at the party.

The classic 80's theme - music to suit with visuals

We also ask our customers to tell us a bit about themselves and their guests as this can dramatically change the music that may work on the night (i.e. if they work in the theatre they're likely to want different music to someone who works in a club!) We also sometimes ask for the back story behind the music they've requested as there are times when we, as DJ's, might look at a request and think that it'll never work, but it was an anthem on the hen night, or there is a funny story associated with it from that time an office party or a number of the guests have put together a dance routine for it.

New Bristol Brewery - just a rocking, ties on heads, kind of night

It's never about what we like listening to. Whatever the occasion, we're all about working with you and your guests to get you the music you like to give you all an epic night and it's something we sincerely care about.

Hopefully that comes through in the feedback we get

Bar Humbug - Getting the guests singing!