Audio Guestbook

Audio guestbooks are the latest way to capture memories and messages from your guests at your big day. Nothing can replace the experience of listening to your guests voices as they give you advice (or tell you jokes!) The phones have classic style and a muted colour pallette that fits with most wedding venues and are battery powered and can be placed anywhere within your venue where your guests will see them. The package can include a framed set of instructions and light up sign to get your guests attention (+£20). Your guests just have to pick up the receiver, listed to the invitation that you record and then talk! Once they're finished talking, they just hang up.

After the day, all of the recordings will be taken off the phones and supplied to you as a simple recording to download and keep.

Price: £100 with any other service (e.g. Disco/Photobooth). £125 for 2x phones or £145 for 2x phones with the neon sign.