Our open Photobooth (also known as a Selfiepod, Photopod or Digipod) is compact and can either be lit up in a colour to match with the colour scheme for your party or event or can be cased in a solid black shell. It's an ideal option for smaller spaces, rooms with low ceilings or if you want to be able to get up to 12 people in each photo! It's a great ice breaker and you'll see your guests come back time and time again to dress up in the provided comedy wigs, hats and glasses, press the button on screen and pose for a photo.

For your party we can personalise all of the prompts on screen with the names of the Bride and Groom, the name of your birthday guest or the logo of your company and you can also choose from a range of styles and layouts for the finished images for printing or presentation online. We can also offer great fun options like Dubsmash and Video Message recording. Combine all of these features with high quality photography and you've got a package that is brilliant fun for all ages.

After your party you'll receive a USB stick with all of the photos taken on the night and you'll be given a personalised URL that you can share with your guests that will bring them straight to your own private webpage on our website to view all of the photos. From our website your guests can share their photo straight to Facebook.

Please contact us for more details or for availability. We can also offer a traditional Photobooth if you prefer.


  Kids Package
(without prints)
Adult Package
(without prints)
4 hour Package
(with prints)
Package Price £145 £245 £345
Package price (with another service e.g. Disco) £95 £195 £295
Operating hours 2hrs All night 4hrs
Booth colour (see note 1) White White Uplit, Black or Custom
Fun props Yes Yes Yes
USB Stick with photos Yes Yes Yes
Personal webpage for your Photos Yes Yes Yes
Personalised images with your name or logo No Yes Yes
Camera Standard Studio Quality DSLR Studio Quality DSLR
Backdrop - Yes Yes
Black or White Starlit backdrop - +£30 +£30
Green screen fun On request - Yes
Video messages (see note 2) - - Yes
Dubsmash - - On request
Unlimited instant prints - - Two per visit
Key fobs - - +80p/each
Prints in the post +£25 +£25 +£25
Guestbook - +£40 +£40


1. The exterior of the pod can either be cased in a rugged black shell with our logos or we can create a custom shell for your event with the name of your event or brand. Please contact us for full details of pricing and options.

2. The video recording options require a room to be set aside for use with the Photopod where your guests can be heard. For the Dubsmash option we will require your input on the songs that you wish to be available for your guests and 20-30 second clips of each will be provided.