Terms and Conditions of Hire for Bristol Disco Hire

PLEASE NOTE: This contract is not subject to a 'cooling-off period' by virtue of s28(1)(h) of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and therefore in the event of cancellation of the engagement by the Client, a cancellation fee will be made on the following basis:

  • Hire cancelled 8 weeks/56 days or more from the event date - the booking fee is retained.
  • Hire cancelled more than 4 weeks/28 days but within 8 weeks/56 days from starting time - 50% (half) of the total fee is payable.
  • Hire cancelled within 4 weeks/28 days from starting time - 100% (full) fee is payable.
  • Postponement (re-scheduling) of a hire is at the discretion of the company and can only be accepted if made before the cancellation period of 8 weeks/56 days, otherwise the cancellation terms above apply.
  • In the event of postponement, the dates in the above schedule will be calculated based on the original event date, not the rescheduled event date.

Please note that the booking fee is an advance payment that is deducted from your hire cost to cover costs incurred to process your booking and is non-refundable in all circumstances. Where payment is requested in full on booking, the non-refundable booking fee will be calculated as 20% of the total of your hire.

All clients must adhere strictly to our Cancellation Terms as stated above. Failure to comply will result in legal action to recover fees due.

We normally set up equipment 1hr prior to the start of an event and remove it when the event has finished.  Equipment removal typically takes between 30mins and 1hr - please ensure that you take this into account when booking a venue and ensure that access to the venue will be available during these times.

The hirer & third party hirers will be responsible for the safety and security of all our equipment left for their hire as per clauses i – iii as stated below. This includes tampering with and theft of equipment. It is strictly forbidden for anyone else other than a person authorised by us to use or move our equipment without our express permission.

i. When a hirer wants equipment to be set up more than 30 minutes before start time.
ii. When the hirer wants equipment left within a venue to support activities on consecutive dates 
iii. Third party hirers: It is the responsibility of 3rd party hirers to ensure that their clients are aware of our terms and conditions of hire (copies available on request). Should our terms be breached then we reserve the right to withdraw our services and terminate further supply. Cancellation payment as stated above will apply to all outstanding confirmed bookings.

All hirers should understand that it may not be possible to set up equipment immediately prior to start of an event; therefore other arrangements should be made to accommodate this. Clauses i – iii above may apply.

Where access is denied upon our arrival (due to over running of earlier proceedings or for any other reason) to set up equipment completely, or a storage area close to our set up area can not be provided - we will, if logistically possible, endeavor to accommodate set up at a later time. In these circumstances we cannot guarantee that the event will begin at the planned start time. If we are required to wait with equipment or leave and return to the delivery address due to issues with access, an additional charge may be levied (see Additional Charges below).


  1. The hirer will not be held responsible when a "waiting time" charge has been paid to cover the whole period before start time.
  2. When we choose to set up equipment earlier: more than 60 minutes prior to start time due to our own logistical constraints. This is subject to our discretion.

The following additional charges may apply to your booking:

  1. Charges will be levied for any equipment damaged by you or your guests while equipment is either in your care for hire, or while we are providing a service for disco/photobooth bookings. This includes cables damaged by improper use.
  2. A charge of £5 will be levied for any hire equipment that is not returned in the state supplied at the start of the hire. This includes unwound/unwrapped cables and equipment that is either not returned to the supplied storage bags or returned to bags incorrectly (e.g. upside down).
  3. An additional charge will be applied to out of area work (non local). Price on application.
  4. A venue/location deemed to have restricted/difficult access (i.e. access to venue by more than 1 floor up or down, using lifts or vehicle delivery/parking/access restrictions) will incur an additional charge. Price on application.
  5. Any disco, karaoke or DJ hire finishing after midnight will be subject to an additional charge of £50 per hour, or part of.
  6. An additional charge will be applied to outdoor work. We will only supply our services for outdoor work when we are satisfied that our specific criteria will be met and that equipment can be operated safely. Full details and prices on application.
  7. Additional rates will be applied to December 24, 25, 26 & 31 and January 1.
  8. An additional charge of £3 per mile (measured from venue to our base) with a minimum charge of £25.00 will be applied when access to the venue for set up is denied at the agreed time and a return visit is necessary.
  9. An additional charge of £25.00 per hour or part of will be applied when access to the venue for set up is denied at the agreed time and our delivery driver waits on site for a period greater than 30mins.
  10. Hirers should note that it is always better to extend a hire in advance of the date if it is thought that additional playing time may be required. Charges applied then would be as our normal hourly rate and not subject to surcharges as detailed above. No refunds are made for non-use of additional time. Please note if a Hirer requests additional time to be added to a hire on the day of the hire, or after the hire has commenced, additional charges will be applied and payable by cash or card on that day in advance of extra time being played.

The Hirer should not assume that we are obligated to provide extra time.

Additional charges will be automatically deducted from the Credit/Debit provided if available or will be invoiced via PayPal. Unpaid additional charges will accrue interest at a rate of 8% per calendar month. If court proceedings are required to recover unpaid charges then court/process fees will be added to the debt in addition to any expenses incurred during recovery.

It is the hirer's responsibility to organise insurance cover for their event on top of the public liability insurance held by us and for that cover be of an adequate amount to indemnify we, the company of any losses that are the result of the Hirer's event or the actions of the Hirers guests.

The Hirer is responsible for the behaviour of individuals attending the Hirer's event and for the safety of all the Company's staff present at the event.

All dialogue with the Company should be conducted in an orderly and civilised manner.
Insulting, demeaning, confrontational and aggressive behaviour towards the Company's staff will not be tolerated. Should at any time, any member of the Company's staff feel threatened, then, the company reserves the right to terminate the hire immediately.  A refund will not be offered in this circumstance.

We the company shall not be held responsible for any loss of electrical power either permanent or temporary.

The company guarantees that all its equipment will be adequately maintained and will be of a standard to satisfy the "Health and Safety At Work Act 1974": "The Provision and Use of Work equipment Regulations 1998".

The company at all times will allow adequate travelling time to fulfil their hire obligations but accept no liability for late starting due to any act of God, War, Strikes, Industrial Disputes or Accidents, Fire, Flood, Drought, Adverse Weather or other cause beyond our control. The hirer would be advised of this situation as soon as possible.

Failure by the Company to exercise any of its rights shall not constitute a waiver of these rights of any proceeding or succeeding breach of any hire agreement.

Should you choose to hire our services, start and finishing times are always exact. Access times are crucial to the way we operate – holding us up could result in extra costs being levied as above or resulting in your hire starting later.

All Discos, Karaokes and DJ hires are subject to availability. Equipment will be supplied in accordance with our pricing structure.

Where playlists are provided by the hirer we will endeavour to obtain and play as many songs as possible from the list. We do not guarantee to play all songs on the list (including "must play" selections) unless mutually agreed by both parties in advance. Financial compensation will not be considered for failure to play any selections provided. Where playlists are provided less than 24 hours prior to the start of the hire we cannot guarantee that the list will be reviewed prior to the hire or taken into consideration when selecting the music choices for the hire.

We occasionally take photographs and videos of our events for promotional purposes that may be used by us on our website, on our social media sites, on websites where we advertise and in printed articles, magazines and advertisements. Please inform us if you do not wish us to do this. Videos and Photographs taken at your event are available for review on request.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking without refund if the validity of the booking or the intentions of the hirer are in doubt.

Recovery for damage to equipment and any loss of earnings resulting from any misuse or negligence by hirer will be sought.

All hirers are extended the same courteous service without favour. However our hire bookings are operated on a first come first served basis.

Please respect any neighbouring properties when planning your event.

By signing below I, the client, confirm that;

  1. The details stated are correct
  2. The services to be provided are as detailed
  3. I agree to pay the fees described as per the terms detailed within this contract
  4. I agree to the all other terms as described
  5. I understand that the services to be provided are as stated within the Schedule of Services within this contract. Changes will only be made at The Companies discretion and additional charges may be incurred.
  6. I understand that my booking is not confirmed until any minimum payment stated above has been paid in full.