Let's talk... Polaroid Cameras

Over the last few months I've been to a lot of weddings that have opted to use a Fujifilm Instax camera (or Canon equivalent) to fill their guestbook. For anyone who hasn't come across these before, they're the modern reinvention of the original Polaroid camera for instant photos. You load the camera with a pack of film, your guests point and shoot and a passport size photo comes out the side and develops in a few minutes. Your guests can then stick this in a guestbook and leave you a message, giving you a book of memories from your night.

Fujifilm Instax camera

I've seen really mixed results with instax cameras. With the instax mini as soon as the light dims a bit you're at the mercy of the flash and that gives you floating faces and not a lot else in the photo. The best results I've seen have been from a FujiFilm LiPlay camera/printer that does far better in low light conditions (and saves digital copies of the photos too for you to keep!) Examples of output from the Instax mini with typical indoor lighting can be seen below.

Instax selfies

Photo credit to Instant Camera Blog.

However.... The cost of an Instax camera + 12 packs of passport photo sized media + props = about the same as a professional photobooth with backdrop, attendant, guestbook and unlimited 10x15cm postcard prints. Which is why I'm curious why people opt for using an instax.... Is it because it's perceived to be cheaper? Takes up less space? More fun? More flexible? I'm not sure??

I offer a range of Photobooth packages from the traditional open and enclosed booths to what I call a roaming booth that is the high quality equivalent of the Instax experience for about the cost and gives your guests the option to print unlimited 10x15cm prints to take home or give to friends. We can also add a digital photoframe or other logos or text over the image for corporate events where brand is important. Of course, you also get professionally edited digital copies of all of the photos to keep! There's more information about my event photography services and roaming booth on my website.

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I'm also interested to hear about your experiences using an Instax or other Polaroid style instant camera. How did you find it? Was it easy to use? What were the photos like? Was it as easy as you thought it'd be?