We are always asked one question more than any other - how much do you charge? We know we are not likely to be the cheapest supplier you look at for your event, but we will be one of the most capable and experienced. If you have any special requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to assist wherever possible. We also offer discounts for known venues in our immediate vicinity. Please contact us for more details.

Standard Prices

For Children's Parties

For Weddings

For Family Parties

For Proms

Finishing touches

  • Love Letters - £195/night - more information
  • Selfiepod - from £145 - full details
  • Photobooth - from £450 - full details
  • Colour Commander animated dance floor (3m x 3m) - £550/night - more information
  • White starlit dance floor (4m x 4m) - £450/night - more information
  • Backdrops and drapes - please Contact us for details
  • Wedding Projection - £25
  • Wedding Projection Customised with your Names - £50
  • Confetti Canons - £40/each

We have also collaborated with a number of other suppliers over the years - if you require a service for your event that you can't see listed, please Contact us.

Frequently asked questions

What do we get for our money?
You get peace of mind - knowing that one of the most important elements of your birthday party, children's party, corporate event or wedding reception is in the hands of professionals who are not going to disappoint you or let you down.
Do you have public liability insurance?
Is your equipment PAT tested (a requirement for equipment use at the majority of venues?)
Is your music legally obtained?
Yes - all of our music and videos are obtained from high quality, legal sources
Do you have any back up?
Yes - we carry back up for all major pieces of equipment
Can I give you a playlist?
Yes, we recommend this
Can I leave the music choices up to you?
Yes, we can use our experience to select songs on the night if you prefer
Will you invite requests from my guests?
Yes, we distribute request slips at the start of the night (with your permission) to invite your guests to suggest songs they would like to hear and will invite guests to request over the Microphone during the night
Are you going to talk all night?
Only at the kids parties! Our usual approach is to talk to your guests occasionally during the night to build a rapport with them, but that doesn't mean we talk after every song! As with all aspects of our service we adjust our approach on the night based on your preference.
Do you have the music I want?
Yes - and if we don't, we can either use Wifi or 3G to download songs on the night - all from high quality, legal sources
What happens if our DJ is sick?
We work in partnership with a number of other local entertainment companies to ensure that we always have cover available in case of serious issue
Do you require a deposit?
We usually ask for a 20% deposit to secure a date - but occasionally waive this at our discretion for regular customers.
Do we have to sign anything?
Once we have the details of your event we'll send you a contract to sign electronically online.
How do I know you will turn up?
This is only a problem with companies who charge less and may choose to disappoint a customer in favour of higher paying work. We are legally contracted to supply to you and we have detailed contingency plans in event of issues. We have never, ever, let a customer down.