Share The Love - Selfie Wizard!

Share the love with our Selfie screen. Get your guests to share photos that they're taking right now at your event on a choice of one or more screens that we place around your venue. They'll be given the option of adding a message that'll be shown with their photo and you'll get a copy of all of the photos to keep! Pick our Gold package and your guests will get instant prints of their photos to take home (you can't do THAT with Facebook!) No more disposable cameras, no more #hashtag signs, just great memories of your night.

No complicated instructions*, no joining wireless networks, no bluetooth. Your guests just enter the website address shown on the screen, add their name and message and upload away!

You get a choice of layouts to use to display the photos and can customise the colours and the text shown on screen through your own control panel. You can also set the system to require photos to be reviewed and approved prior to them being displayed on the big screen.

With our BYO package we'll give you instructions and you can use your own equipment to display the photos and you can download them from our website after the event. With our Silver and Gold package we'll provide all of the equipment, be on hand to help your guests use it (and moderate their uploads if appropriate) and at the end of the night you'll get a USB stick with all of the photos to keep. With all of our packages the photos will also appear in your own private gallery on our website for you to share with any guests who couldn't be at the event.

  Bring Your Own
Most Popular
With another service
£25 £125 £195
Stand alone £45 £175 £245
Selfie Screen service Yes Yes Yes
Choice of styles Yes Yes Yes
Customisable colours Yes Yes Yes
Your message on screen Yes Yes Yes
Photos on a USB stick - Yes Yes
Attendant - Yes Yes
Base Equipment BYO* Supplied Supplied
Screens BYO* Compact 32" screen 2m Projected screen
Printing - +£50 Yes
Sharing station - +£50 +£50

Note 1: Your guests will require internet access to be able to use the service. Your venue must either be covered by popular mobile networks or provide guests access to an unrestricted Wifi service. Options are available if neither if possible (please enquire for details).

Note 2: For our Bring Your Own package you will require a computer that meets the following minimum specification: PC running Windows 7 or Windows 10 with i5 processor, 2Gb or more of RAM, Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browsers and a Broadband internet connection capable of sustaining speeds at least 5mbps. The computer will need to be connected to one or more screens that your guests can see.