Silent Disco - Music and Management

Silent Disco - Music and Management
The music and management kit for our Silent disco setup gives you 2x SD card or USB stick music players and a control system to allow you to easily get to grips with broadcasting 2 or 3 channels of music at the same time. This gives your guests a choice of music to select with our Silent Disco packages. The music players can play music in a loop from your own SD cards or USB sticks or from a bluetooth connected device. The Zone mixer allows you to route music from any one of four sources to any or all of the 3 channels for the Silent disco headphones or to a PA system, while also giving you a microphone channel that will feed to all of the silent disco and PA channels simultaneously, so you can still talk to your guests, no matter what they choose to listen to.

This pack is essential if you are planning on using our Silent disco for performing at an event or function with multiple channels and/or an audible PA system and makes managing all of the multiple audio inputs and outputs easy! To get started, plug it in, turn it on, add your music on USB sticks and go!

The management package consists of:

- 1x SD card or USB mp3 player
- 1x Bluetooth, SD card or USB mp3 player
- 1x Zone mixer with microphone input
- 3x Silent disco transmitters
- Pre-wired flight case

Case requires 1x 13A power supply. Audio inputs are via 3x 3.5mm stereo jack or 2x 3.5mm stereo jack and 2x mono XLR sockets. Mp3 players are connected to 2x 3.5mm stereo jack. Microphone input is via XLR socket. PA output is via 2x mono XLR socket. Cables can be supplied for connection on request.
Please ensure that SD cards and USB sticks are formatted as FAT32 for use.

Equipment information

Rental cost£30.00 for 24hrs