Lighting - Chauvet Freedom Stick Pack

Lighting - Chauvet Freedom Stick Pack
We love this stunning little effect from Chauvet. The pack consists of 4 sticks with wireless linking built in, 4 base plates, a remote control and a charger. The sticks are supplied fully charged and will run without any connection to power for up to 12 hours on a single charge and once turned on, will automatically run through a myriad of wireless coordinated patterns and effects in time to sound. They can also be switched to fade, set to a single colour or set to strobe using the supplied infra red remote control.

They can be stood up on the included bases and positioned around the room or laid out in patterns. They're ideal for when you want to create an eye catching effect but you don't have the space or surfaces to use conventional projected lighting fixtures.

They're just so versatile!!

For a walkthrough of the product, check out Youtube.

Note: Photo shows 4x Freedom sticks in use beside one of our standard disco shows. Pack includes 4x sticks, bases, remote and charger in carry case and not a full disco :)

Equipment information

Rental cost£30.00 for 24hrs
Setup time10 Mins