Sound - 2 x Portable Active Speakers

Sound - 2 x Portable Active Speakers
Perfect for kids parties where your iPod or home stereo isn't going to cut it, but a full PA system is just too much - this pair of speakers are professional quality and high power (150w RMS) in a very compact (and light - just 9kg each) package. Just plug them in to any 13A socket, connect them up to a microphone and/or an audio source (iPod, MP3 player, etc) and turn them on - the in built mixer allows you to use a microphone or line level audio source!

They are also ideally suited for use as monitors for live music (as they can sit comfortably on their sides).

Note: Connections are 1/4" jack for microphone and balanced XLR for audio - individual volume controls are provided for each source. Please state when booking the type of connection you require and the equipment you are planning on connecting it to so we can ensure that we bring the right cables for you.

Equipment information

Rental cost£40.00 for 24hrs
Setup time10 Mins